Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The day of the month

When menstrual cramp happen, I can do nothing. Except blogging hehe. And tweeting.
Have I told you how my office is? It's a 'freezer-like' office. When the 'freezy' big data center located inside the small office area, you are nothing like living in an igloo. Ok exaggerate. I'm on socks and blazer all the time while working.

So menstrual cramp + 'freezer-like' office =  tummy-and-below-wanna-explode-feeling. Legs are shaking while standing. Hardly walk and stand. That bad. But I can't sit still either. Kejap bangun duduk sandar tak sandar taip bangun even right now while updating blog. I should be attending a course in the lab right now but the temperature there double cold than here. Really cant stand the temp. And the pain. Sigh.

I came across a tweet from 
"Sakit sebab datang haid? amalkan produk tenusu. wanita yg berjaya mencapai keperluan kalsium dlm tubuh sbnyak 1200mg boleh elakkan senggugut."

True enough?? I remember having checked my bone and calcium intake with Anlene twice. First was not long after delivering Ireen. My calcium rate and bone condition was very poor that equal to 60 years old lady and according to the dietitian one of the reason was obviously delivering baby. Those calcium I took was 'transferred' to the baby hence the poor calcium rate. So we the mummies have to restock as much calcium (milk) after the baby born. 

So I had another bone analysis when Ireen was 1 year old and my milk/calcium intake was good enough. Actually I did not consume milk as much but I did take Herbalife as my supplement. According to them, Herbalife contains lotsa nutrition and calicium as well. I did a body analysis too and overall my body was doing great - the cholesterol and water level, etc. 

I think my menstrual cramp that occurs every month since I had my first period got nothing to do with my calcium intake. So I object the tweet from MEdikTV. Hehe. Saya syak this cramp got a real bond with my nerve or blood circulation, angin dalam badan or whatever lah but not calcium.

(Macam la kau doktor haha)

Tu je bubbye!!
Sakitnyaaaa uwawaaaa~

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