Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anytime From Now...

just got back from the clinic and guess wut...
its anytime from now!!!!
ok, baby is going down and
there's pain coming from the serviks every now and then.
..i just cant wait!!!
fuhh..TAKOT pon ade nih...
Hopefully everything goes smoothly and safe
pray for me evryone..

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dekor Ulang dehh!

i've spent 3 hours decorating my newly created blog.
stop dlu, nti smbg blk

Thursday, February 11, 2010

being a mummy sumtimes require u to be mean

Pepagi biasa me n husbnd siap2 dgn office attire, ryann bgn tgk..ok mami n dedi nk g work. tp this week ni mami siap2 kai tshirt tp dedi kai work attire pastu dia ckp "dedi work, mami x, ayen x..yea yea!" dia igt dia x yh g skul, sbb mami x work. mami ckp eh x, mami work, ayen skul..dia jwb blk..x lah..mami x work ayen x tul. ok tp smpai je skul dia dh mlalak, pas dia kt teacher pastu mami masuk je kete nanges. hahaaaa..mami sgt cembeng.. tahpape..

pastu rs bersalah, ckp diri sndri kejam. how dare u! ko x kje tp htr jgk ank kt nursery. eh tak tak bkn sengaja. i'm expecting the 2nd baby, cane la nk duk umh berdua ngn ryann je..sgguh la x belly is sooo heavy ye..sgt la sarat. ok i've applied for 7 days leave starting today (minus the CNY hols) before my EDD which is on the 23rd, which (lagi) explains the existance of this blog. Ptg when we fetch ryann, he will go.."mami x workkkkk"(pandang i daring mcm tension je ngn mami x work tp xmo jg dia)n i will say (dlm hati smbil pndg muka dia ngn rs brsalah)) "ok mami mmg kejam".

tgk..still nk slhkn diri sendiri..haishhh!!

my very first post

11 Feb officially/finally have a blog. this is my very first post, so welcome to the blogging world shaema! haha..giller trtinggal ketapi..baru nk ade blog. it was just a sudden thought of having a blog, pdhal sblm ni mcm ..erm..eee..mlsnye la kn. tp xpe, we'll see how it goes la kn. so frens, families n bloggers..u r most welcome!