Friday, April 22, 2011

Topik kesihatan Part 1

Sebelum buat post ni saya berdoa agar diberi kekuatan.
Kekuatan untuk terus update blog.
Ceh ye-ye je ingatkan nak beri kekuatan untuk apa kan.
Bile dah berdoa terus ada kekuatan dalaman.
Terus sign in and klik new post. hehe.

Harini nak bukak kelas kesihatan.
topik adalah..

Why bother to tell people about this?
Because Ryann have this mollescum.
Spotted 1st bump of mollescum below his right eye, near the nose.

the bumps is more or less, like this. Source: googled

Mula2 ingatkan ruam, so biarkan jela.
About 7-8 months after, 2-3 biji lagi tumbuh dekat kawasan berhampiran. Pergi klinik, dapat cream, but tak berkesan. So pegi jumpa Paed, n paed cakap mollescum. Cause by a virus, tapi dia kata tak bahaya and can dissappear by itself without treatment. Not to worry much, and dia suggest to see the dermatologist.
Now after a year, the bumps spread to his armpit, belakang badan, and belakang siku. And Ryann start asking bila mata dia nak baik. Ala kesian. So bawak pergi dermatologist at Selayang Hospital.

So we've been told that Mollescum is a common skin disease among children. Such spread can occur by touching or scratching a bump then touching another part of the body. Memang tak harmful, cuma kita tak suka and bit disturbing to have such bumps at your body/face. Macam kita rimas bila ada scar.

So dia suggest to undergo a treatment called phenol (I don't know whether this is the correct spelling or not). It is such a chemical, to be applied at each bumps. This treatment only can be done by the experts (dermatologist, doctors, etc). However, bumps yang dekat muka especially near the eyes, nothing can be done. It may be harmful if the chemical touches the eyes. I just hope that bumps on the face will disappear soon or else no point of  doing the treatment.

The Phenol treatment will start early May. I hope that my son will gives his best cooperation.  He just hates hospital and the people related to it. Sangat kekwat dgn doktor ok. Haha.

So to parents yang ada anak yang ada mollescum, consult to a dermatologist. Some treatment maybe harmful. Pilih la yang mana sesuai.

Ok dah habis dah kelas kesihatan untuk hari ini.

Happy weekends Peeps!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Like Her, Please..!!

Please please like her, ppl, because I do..hehe..
Gurl is my sister in law, particapates in this Mango style Up Yourself (Check here for more details).
All you have to do is just go to the Mango FB page, click the like button, and click the link below..

.... and click LIKE !

feeling red mummy!


Friday, April 15, 2011


Wuish..lama nya x update. Tiba2 je dah Jumaat. Eh jap2..Jumaat ada pasar malam. *wink*.
Lama nya tak pegi pasar malam putrajaya. 
Lama nya x makan putu bambu sedap. 
Lama nya x makan putu mayam heaven. 
Eh apsal sume lama dengan putu.

Selalu b4 pegi psr malam cakap dengan suami nak beli macam2. 
Sampai pasar malam beli makanan yang sama -  
putu mayam, putu bambu, aym goreng BOB, coconut shake, bihun sup, buah2an and kopok lekor utk ryann. Boring kan.
Pastu smpai rumah ckp asek beli ni time kene beli bnde lain. 
Pastu next time datang eh sedap la putu2 ni sume dah lama x makan nak beli lah .

Anyway hari selasa haritu kami berholiday dekat Awana Kijal, Kemaman. Love2 the place. Holiday la sangattt..padahal mengendeng suami yang kene jumpa client. Gambar still belum trnsfer so harini membebel dulu without gambar. Eh next week dia kene jumpa client di JB pulak. Nak ikut!. Cek2 organizer..macam boleh je cuti..hamboi ko tiap mggu nak cuti 2 hari banyak santekkk. Sebab santek la nak cuti kan. heh! Nak pegi 6 corner!

Eh ok lah nak kene buat minit meeting, meeting semalam x buat minit lagi dah tu hari2 meeting tadi pon meeting macamana nk buat minit kan. Next week nak pegi JB so minit harus siap harini. (confident je dpt cuti :D)

Ok Bye!

p/s-I'm losing my word lah. tak tau nk update apa sebenanya.

Monday, April 11, 2011

K-Kinda Bizziey..K-Kinda Bizzieyyy..

(Feeling Lady Gaga)

Just a quick update.
Saya bizi.
Maybe no updates for 2-3 days.
MAYBE. heh!

Eh dah nak kul 4 zohor pon blom.
Ok Bye!

Friday, April 8, 2011


I have a confession to make.

Errr ..............  I rarely cook. hihi..

On the weekdays I cook only 2-3 times.
I have a very good reason to that.

When I cook for dinner once I got home from work, my hubs have to look after the kids, both kids.
He bath them both, and later he will do other house chores, while keeping his eye on the kids. My kids are super active I tell you..especially Ireen. They can turn my living hall into kitchen just in a blink..haha. Super fast. Segala periuk belanga senduk pinggan mangkuk sume dia hangkut pegi depan. Nice.

And being my hubs, he can't stand with mess. Sakit mata katanya. When the kids shows the boring sign and start to look for other toy, he will kemas2 all the mess. But being kids pulak, cannot see things that nicely put and arranged, so they happily mess them, again and again until I done my cooking. My hubs are all exhausted by then.

So when I ask him what to cook today, he went "Tak payahla masak, I penat la kalau u masak, besok masak balik". 
*Wink Wink.

Very good reason right?  :)

Anyway yesterday was my cooking day, so today I don't have to cook. 

 terung masak tauchu - hubs favvy

kari ikan merah - my favvy

Sedapnya I masak...
Ok Bye!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wish List

Orang lain wish list dia hebat2..
Ipad la, Gucci/LV/Chanel etc etc Handbag la....
Designers shoe la..
Macam2 la wish list.

Ok here goes my wish list:

1. Kitchen Cabinet + Hood + Hob.
2. Electric Oven. 
3. Lain2 Kitchen tools/toys .

Tu je. Cea tu je ke?? 

Mak nye dapo kosong u olss..baru pindah la kata..baru mendenye dh 4 bulan..muahahaa..
Banyak sangat plan..tunggu jela kan..

Terasa nk baking la..
Nak buat red velvet cake :D

Nak grill..
Nak steam..

source : kak nor

Impian nk jadi chef tu kene ada.
Ok bye!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I won! I Won!

"thanx Mummy, for supporting me, n for that I dedicate this medal just for you"

My kids Kindy organized the Annual Sports Day 2011 last weekend.
My daughter won Third Place! Acara - Mencari Ibu!
Mummys were given a small towel to close our eyes. They placed our kids about 5 feets away and we need to do whatever we could, so that the kids will recognize and find their mummy. The 1st to find their Mom is the winner. 

I was screaming out of my tongue "Ireennnnn,,! come sayang..Mummy kat sini..Adikkk..mummy's here! cepat! cepat! Mana adik ni?? Ireennnnnnn!!!", with my hand waving to god-knows-where. My eyes were tied up remember?

It was so funny u know,and noisy and loud, with the parents got excited laughing and screaming..and some of the kids even cried. Yelah dah macam beruk mak yeh dah mak pak memasing jerit..haha. Takot la budak2 tu kan. But it was fun! 

As for Ryann, he participated in the 'Lari Dengan Gelung'. His team won 1st Place! hihi..Bravo Ryann! He was down with fever actually, but he insisted to join when I told him he can actually just sit and watch his friend with me.

Ryann - "Abang nak lari jugak.."
Mummy - "Abang x demam?"
Ryann - "Dah baik dah"
Mummy - "Ok abang boleh lari"

Can spot Ryann? 

Getting ready

We didn't bring camera, so we missed those pictures where the kids were in action. Sedih. Macam tak best tak dapat snap gambar banyak2.

I was really impressed with the teachers..they put so much effort for this event. They are really expert in handling so many babies and kids. And all kids thinks teacher is always right. Mummy wrong.

Ryann - Teacher kata kena pkai baju tekolah la mami..
Mummy - Tak, harini Jumaat, kene pkai baju Raya (baju melayu).
Ryann - temalam jumaat, ni Rabu, pakai baju tekolah..teacher yang kata.."


Friday, April 1, 2011

Takoyaki Murah

Memang saya x boleh harap. Semangat tu dah tak berapa nak semangat. Nafsu ke arah makanan tak dapat di bendung. Sebab tu la saya nak promo.

Takoyaki murah. Memang yang murah ssh nk resist.
Selalu kan takoyaki (Tako Tako) RM4+ (x ingat exact harga) for 3 pieces.
Yang ni, hanya RM4 = 4 pieces!
Cume kene sabar sikit, sebab servis x berapa nak pantas. 

 Rasa sedap yang sama je dengan yang dekat Tako Tako.

Octopus Takoyaki 

Gambar ni x berapa nk drool, tapi sedap. Kegemaran anak bujang saya. Dia makan sorang 4 biji tu, saya hanya makan fish flakes yang dia tak suke.

Oh takoyaki ni boleh didapati di food court Carefour Puchong Utama.

Tiba-tiba 2 orang budak kecik hilang dari pandangan.
Rupe-rupenya kt 'dalam' cuttlery station.