Thursday, May 31, 2012

Half of the year oredi

So, besok adalah 1st of June. Entering the half of the year. 
Cepat kan? Cepat giller. Rasa macam baru je new year.

Looking back of my list of new year's resolution, I would say, some are good in progress, some are very disappointing. 

One of it - My diet journey.
 It is so shameful that I lost none kg. NA-AH.
Weighing scale is my ultimate enemy. Benci sangat bende tu. Jarum duk tang tu, tak pon naik. Gahhhh!
Truth is I wasn't diet. I did not watch what I eat. I eat whatever that in front of me or whatever I desire. 
Coffee? everyday.
Rice? Most of the time.
Plain water? only 2L max daily.
Desserts ? I can't resist.
Heavy Dinner? Can't stop myself from eat what I have cooked. Tak nak membazir katanya.


BUdak tecik ni metabolisme very high. Tapi mummy dia nafsu makan yang high.

Ok Bye :(

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