Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I won! I Won!

"thanx Mummy, for supporting me, n for that I dedicate this medal just for you"

My kids Kindy organized the Annual Sports Day 2011 last weekend.
My daughter won Third Place! Acara - Mencari Ibu!
Mummys were given a small towel to close our eyes. They placed our kids about 5 feets away and we need to do whatever we could, so that the kids will recognize and find their mummy. The 1st to find their Mom is the winner. 

I was screaming out of my tongue "Ireennnnn,,! come sayang..Mummy kat sini..Adikkk..mummy's here! cepat! cepat! Mana adik ni?? Ireennnnnnn!!!", with my hand waving to god-knows-where. My eyes were tied up remember?

It was so funny u know,and noisy and loud, with the parents got excited laughing and screaming..and some of the kids even cried. Yelah dah macam beruk mak yeh dah mak pak memasing jerit..haha. Takot la budak2 tu kan. But it was fun! 

As for Ryann, he participated in the 'Lari Dengan Gelung'. His team won 1st Place! hihi..Bravo Ryann! He was down with fever actually, but he insisted to join when I told him he can actually just sit and watch his friend with me.

Ryann - "Abang nak lari jugak.."
Mummy - "Abang x demam?"
Ryann - "Dah baik dah"
Mummy - "Ok abang boleh lari"

Can spot Ryann? 

Getting ready

We didn't bring camera, so we missed those pictures where the kids were in action. Sedih. Macam tak best tak dapat snap gambar banyak2.

I was really impressed with the teachers..they put so much effort for this event. They are really expert in handling so many babies and kids. And all kids thinks teacher is always right. Mummy wrong.

Ryann - Teacher kata kena pkai baju tekolah la mami..
Mummy - Tak, harini Jumaat, kene pkai baju Raya (baju melayu).
Ryann - temalam jumaat, ni Rabu, pakai baju tekolah..teacher yang kata.."


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iezam said...

seronok melayan karenah anak2 kan b?? rindu plak kt diorg ni:((