Friday, April 8, 2011


I have a confession to make.

Errr ..............  I rarely cook. hihi..

On the weekdays I cook only 2-3 times.
I have a very good reason to that.

When I cook for dinner once I got home from work, my hubs have to look after the kids, both kids.
He bath them both, and later he will do other house chores, while keeping his eye on the kids. My kids are super active I tell you..especially Ireen. They can turn my living hall into kitchen just in a blink..haha. Super fast. Segala periuk belanga senduk pinggan mangkuk sume dia hangkut pegi depan. Nice.

And being my hubs, he can't stand with mess. Sakit mata katanya. When the kids shows the boring sign and start to look for other toy, he will kemas2 all the mess. But being kids pulak, cannot see things that nicely put and arranged, so they happily mess them, again and again until I done my cooking. My hubs are all exhausted by then.

So when I ask him what to cook today, he went "Tak payahla masak, I penat la kalau u masak, besok masak balik". 
*Wink Wink.

Very good reason right?  :)

Anyway yesterday was my cooking day, so today I don't have to cook. 

 terung masak tauchu - hubs favvy

kari ikan merah - my favvy

Sedapnya I masak...
Ok Bye!


iezam said...

ok b, from now on...u leh masak hari2..i will taking take for da

iezam said...