Thursday, September 13, 2012


Days passing by, I stumbled upon odd environments, odd peoples with odd manners, so much. Despite that, knowing and befriend with awesome people has also made a mark in my life. 
I treasure every moment with the loved ones, the growing family, good and close friends and also relatives.

Many things happens unexpectedly around me. Just happen to know that a friend's dad passed away of heart attack. Without alarm. Another friend of mine just got divorced. A friend became a widow after husband's dead. And another friend has an unfaithful husband. Not to mention the unfaithful wife too. And the list goes on. Just so many things happening, bad and good. Of course the 'bad' one bothering me more.

Pray and pray to the Creator.
To gain the balance. Balance in happiness, in sorrow, balance in your life. 
Appreciate your loved ones, your parents and family, be good to them.
May Allah bless every and each of you, reader.
Whatever you are facing, be strong and pray.
Just so many things happening, and it frightened me. 

Oh today the 13th, is my mom's birthday.
May Allah grants her with the best condition of health, happiness and barakah.
Luvs u Mak.

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