Thursday, April 26, 2012

You are not getting any younger

Mend your heart
Let the hatred go
Mend your heart
Fill it with loves and so

Mend your tongue
It could be the sharpest sword ever
Mend your tongue
Fulfill with praising Allah the Almighty ever

Mend your speech 
Enough of scratching others 
Mend your speech
To think before hatred occurs

Mend your attitude
For not annoy people around
Mend your attitude
So we could happily living on this ground

Mend the whole you
Because You Are Not Getting Any Younger

p/s - Written spontaneously. Peringatan untuk diri sendiri juga.
p/s/s - I could be so poetic, whenever gloomy is my state.



mafuza said...

mesti ada sebab.

SoFiA.opY said...

pergh puitis!

sha said...

mafuza - :D
opy - I just realized! haha