Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sand colour Art

As Salam,
Last weekend was a kids-event-weekend. From school's parents-kids meet up, visiting a new born baby and attended a birthday party. Tapi only remember snapping pictures on the birthday party. Saya pelupa. 

Birthday Boy Harris Mierza! He is 6!

Arrived late, candle blowing and cake cutting dah habis, even games semua dah settle. Anak-anak tak mengamuk sebab ada ni!

Budak lain elok je buat, si kreatif Ireen pergi mix kan colour dalam bowl. Green campur brown tantikkk la mami -_-

Mummy mithali sangattttt. Tak cukup tangan layan anak.

 Birthday Boy in action

With mummy Harris AzuraAbach

Ok mummy dah tau dah nanti birthday party nak buat jugak rent set sand colour ni. Kids love it so much. Thanx tuan rumah for having us. 

Ok Bye!

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