Monday, March 5, 2012


I thought it was 'Mondaygitis' as what a friend told me, but when I google-d the word, turn out to be Mondayitis.

Call it what you want, but "Mondayitis" is a feeling of weariness, sadness, apathy and general distress that many individuals feel when starting the Monday morning work week. This feeling is usually enhanced after a large weekend.
Boss: "good morning, looking a little worse for wear whats wrong?"

Worker: "Got a case of Mondayitis"
Tepek sebijik2 maksud dia dari mana tah dah tutup x smpat tgk address.

I tend to annoy to people whom always put the monday-blues status in their FB. What is your problem meh? Just work la imagining monday is Friday. Cannot ah?

And today yes I am here with the illness - mondayitis @ monday blues.
Padan muke kata orang lagi sekali kene baru tau. Allah the Almighty.
Looking at my Google Chrome tab - blogsssss, Facebook, Interior design images, cabinatary design google images, office email account, yahoomail,  more blogs and blogss. Where is my work.doc again?

My office has come up with a new policy which is - Audit Tugas Harian - ATH (Daily task audit).
So my ATH today would be this:
1. Facebooking - 4 hours
2. Blog-hopping - 4 hours
3. Google-ing - in between no1 n 2. Approx. 2 hours
Total 10 hours. And there goes my Monday.

Ok Bye!

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