Friday, January 13, 2012

Ulcer Mode

Guess how many ulcers are there in my mouth now ?

No, But ..
SEVEN! @ Tujuh! @ Sab'ah (Arabic)! @ Pitu (Javanese)! @ zeven (dutch)! 
They just pop out one after another. Macam cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan.

Just imagine me speaking without my mouth open. Horrible.

Pharmacy is my favourite shop since last week, asking them what is the best oral aid in the universe.
Because I can't find one. Anyway  I bought these 3:
1st - Bonjela (I should just throw this in the bin) - The only brand they sell there
2nd - Orregel (I think they just take out the paste of bonjela and rebrand it. duhh)
3rd - Orrepaste. Just bought it during lunch hour. I'm so giving much hope on this. Taste wise, much better (minty). 

 I hope this help!! (Pray hard!)

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