Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Needs VS Wants

U know when your inner self tells you that you have to have that thing.
And another part of your heart says..u better buy this's at the top of your priority. 
Remember your checklist? Remember? Focus focus.
And so you wouldn't dare to think about that 'thing' because that thing is just a luxury (wants) , not your needs. (as your Abah always told..that is luxury, not a need..please differentiate).
And at a blink your mind wanders about your needs, things that you have to have, because it is a needs. U forgot about your checklist already.
Yeah u need a new bed, a new pillow, new mattress, new TV, new bed sheets, new wardrobe..Oh u need a whole complete sets of new bedrooms (read: bedroom-S). And suddenly u think that your living just need a splash of new colors..And u need a lot of thing for your kitchen and the list goes on. It is just a complete NEED.

If u spend your money to that particularly thing, U will be regretting for the rest of your life, because the same amount of the money plus some extra bucks u could have your dream complete set of a new bedroom..or at least a new KING BED with a new 1000 threads count of bed sheets. 

But still the thing that you want and need is just sooooo tempting. E eh now that thing becomes a wants and needs pulak.

Oh wait I know what is your problem here : You need EVERYTHING. You just can't differentiate..whether it's a needs..or a wants.

P/S - Why la this Galaxy Note is just so damn tempting..and EXPENSIVE. I wanna cry.

Ok Bye!

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