Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This morning we step out of the house slightly earlier from usual; for one reason. 
Kene singgah kedai beli susu Ireen.
Ran out of  stock and husband was so lazy to get them the night before.
My routine is like this - send Ireen first, than Ryann (different location) than only heads to my office.
But today - shop first - send Ryann (The shop and his kindy just nearby) - send Ireen - heads to my office.

Ah before I forgot, the price of Pediasure FM at that shop is the cheapest so far - RM65.05. 2nd cheapest I found is at the Speed Mart, near my house, still RM65+. Carrefour's price is RM70+ if I'm not mistaken. Kedai borong Darussalam, Putrajaya :D.

Hoccayy back to the story;
So we waved Ryann goodbye, and by the time we reached Ireen's place, she turned around looking for her brother. Usually she salam her abang before I held her to the teacher. 
She looked puzzled. Really!. Her brother was no where to be found! She looked at me and went
 "where??" "abaaaaaa" (abanggg) with her soft tiny voice. Cuteness!

Padahal dia beria-ia babai abang dia tadi. Hahaha..
Baby/Kids/Toddlers are so cute..nevertheless.

I can still see her puzzle face expression in my eyes..priceless!
Simple thing that makes a mother happy.

Ok Bye!


iezam said...

husband was so lazy to get them the night before-kdg2 je malas okeyh.

Anonymous said...

cute ireen!-ija