Monday, June 6, 2011

Thanx Nora Elena!

Monday Blues? Not at all!

I'm all in a good mood and lovey dovey. HAHAHA..
Harusla feeling lovey dovey dgn my hubs, kan.
Thanx to Nora Elena drama series, TV3.
We are currently addicted with the drama. Very hook to it.
Everyday akan melekat dkt tv pukul 7. 

Main actor Aaron Aziz plays Seth Tan, a very romantic yet charming guy. Auwwwww ~.
Sangat suke ok dgn Seth Tan. And heroin dia Siti Saleha aka Nora Elena sangat cun. haish!
Punyela suke dengan Seth Tan smpai suruh hubby jadi romantik mcm dia.
And to my surprise, my hubs bought me a bouquet of red and pink roses!!!


Knowing my hubs, he is not the type yang pandai buat surprise. Main reason is dia suka cerita semua yang dia buat kt I, so bende yang  sepatutnya kene simpan pun dia tercerita, camana nak jadi surprise kan. But this time dia sangat pandai. Bukan pasal bunga je yang buat I terharu. It is the effort. I don't want to elaborate more, it is all cheesy wheezy if I write it all here. Not everyone can accept. haha.  But all I can say, He is trying his best to imitate Seth Tan. :D.  
Oh I love~

This drama, indirectly, teach us on how to appreciate each other, and to treat each other nicely and appropriately. We sure do experience the hard time with our spouse, time gaduh, sakit hati, etc2, and that's the thing that spice up our marriage. Bile ada drama yang boleh diambil pengajaran, kita ambik la kan. And bila ada cerita yang ajar kita untuk jadi lebih baik, kita ikut. 

Drama ni kalau tengok, I kene tgk dgn my hubs, kalau tak, feel x smpai. Eceh.
Hopefully semua orang Good Mood jugak.

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