Monday, June 27, 2011


My weekend was just as a routine weekend.
Ever since my FIL being admitted, so it is a routine for us the whole family to pay him a visit everyday except for me and the kids, and every weekend, with the kids tag along.

But I always hates the Sungai Buluh hospital facilities. They really needs to do something with the waiting area. It is so hot as no air condition at that area (open concept waiting are). - ok I still can tolerate with this. But no sits provided?? This is too much.  U know kids are not allowed to enter the ward so we have to take turn to jaga the kids kan. Of course I'm the one who will be with my kids most of the time, letting the others to visit their father as much as they want. But a minute waiting is like forever! Like I have other choice ke? 

The view of that area is so sadden. Visitors were sitting on the floor, berkampung ok..and kids were running here and there. Sanggup management hospital tu tgk orang berkampung kat lantai macam polis buat rush tangkap PATI rather than provide tempat duduk yang proper and organised? I just don't get it. They do provide benches, at the hospital foyer (outside of the waiting area). Only 4 of them (kot), to cater like hundreds visitors?? Mengarut.  If u ever went there, u know what I'm talking about. Hospital government lain tak macam ni rasanya. Serdang,  Putrajaya n HUKM, yang lain2 tak tau. Ah lupe plak snap pictures. Mahal sangat ke nak beli kerusi?? EEee tension betul. Rasa nak tumbuk je staff kat kaunter tepi tu yang duduk senang lenang with airconds. Hello..ko tak nmpak ke ktorang yg nk patah kaki berdiri ni??

Luckily now my FIL is getting better and can join us downstairs, with the doctor's permission. He got the chance to meet Ryann and Ireen, and surely they do miss their Babah so much. Ok la sikit tak payah nak take turn.

I was trying very hard not to complaint, but I failed! haha..
ok Bye!

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