Friday, March 18, 2011

t.h.i.r.d Anniversary

OMG i almost forgot today is my third anniversary! 
18 Mac 2008 - the day i reported my duty as a servant. A government servant.
Yes, the third anniversary of my duty.. :D
Am I happy being a government servant?
Of course I do! (sounds fishy..??haha..).

 But one thing I wanna emphasize here,
sape cakap org gomen rilek? xde keje..?
Duhh, I totally disagree!.
I dont know elsewhere, 
but this place, where I'm working, totally NOT.
We have a lot of systems, events, projects, portals, etc etc to do/look after,
with the lack of staff.
Me myself have no assisstant. see? told ya.

Well, Happy 3rd Annyversary, yours truly.

yours truly in action 

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