Thursday, March 31, 2011



2 days away from the office, memos are scattered on my desk.
There's 4 of it, and 1 of the memos brings really shines on me! Big GRIN. 
I am selected to one of the receiver of the 'Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang'!.  Ok it is really nothing u see, to some of you. But it is a big thing to me. I feel so much appreciated for what I've been delivering until now. This award is so important at this moment, for me to get back my work motivation. I don't know how to explain but lately I think that I really need a new environment, a new workplace, and new colleagues. I need the +ve vibes, It is sadly nowhere to be found here. 

Ohh..I shouldn't say all these. I should never tell people about my job here. I shouldn't. Ok enough of it.

By the way the event will be tomorrow! I have nothing to wear! Seriusly. Tak sempat nk tempah baju. Uwaaaaaa! Camana ni? Short notice sangat la..iskkkkkk.
I really need to buy a new baju. Come on, it is once in a life time kot, so bagi chance la I nk lawa2 kn? hihi.
Now I'm thinking where to get a ready made kurung yang cantik and x mahal, URGENTLY. Mak kedekut okkk...haha. kat mana ada??? Adoii..
I hope I will find 1 today. But If I can't find any, I'll be wearing the OLD-x CANTIK kurung tomorrow. Lets hope for the best. Amin.


yana halim said...

Tahniah!!!! Open table, bole??? hehe..

sha said...

tq. ini apc jabatan saje..bkn kementerian. kalo kementerian dpt $$ harusla i blanje :D

Noreen Ruszalin said...

wahhhh pekerja cemerlang ok! congrats!!!

sha said...