Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday Ya Olls,
Monday x penah best kn. Muahaha..

How was your weekend? Mine was a blast. Any events/occasion that include the family I think is awesome, so that was how my weekend spent. We had this so 'family-matter-Yayasan Pendidikan Raden Malaysia's' event at El-Azzhar camp, Morib. Participated with the family from Abah's side, we gathered and had the annual meeting there. Will tell more about the foundation later k.

So semalam got the chance to go to Pantai Morib. Sceneray not bad. Now dah cantik la tempat tu. Tapi x tergamak la nak mandi..kotor! I remember the last time I went to Morib when I was in standard 3, kalau x silap. Bermandi manda with cousins. Now cousins dah merata-rata, we rarely see each other. Setahun sekali je la, Hari Raya, tu pun ada jugak yang miss. 

As for tomorrow, will be participating a Technology Update seminar by Israkmedia and Microsoft at INTAN. So looking forward to this event, as is the first in Malaysia, adopting the Silverlight technology. Another promo for ;).
Petang pegi KLIA pulak, darling sister going back to Egypt.

Eh Sape tengok JJCM semalam? x habes2 lagi dengan Johor. LOL!

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