Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Iftar with super annoying awesome divas!

Tajuk pun dah annoying..
And they really are! Haha..
Had an Iftar session with my ex-colleague dekat Vistana Hotel, and we enjoyed so much. err..minus the food. Not recommended at all. Tak yah pergi..hihi. 

OMJay pose caei (baju biru) tak boleh blah

All of us

Erie - Jas - Wan - Lela

Afni + Partner

The UEM clan

Ireen tak tido, hanya lakonan yang mengada

The twins Nowa n Noween 

John - Nora - Erie - Caei

p/s - dolls, next year buat tempat lain ok :D
Ok Bye!

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