Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nasi Goreng Punye Pasal

Salam Peeps.

Last night we attended an open house of a colleague.
Reached home around 1030, changed to PJ and threw ourselves on the bed, straight after.
Initially wanted to put only the kids to sleep, ended all 4 of us sleep until morning.

I just hate that. 
I hate it when I sleep inappropriately. 
I hate it when I sleep before performing my Isya'.
I hate it when I sleep before ironing my next day outfit. 
So many things I  missed when I sleepe inappropriately. 
I hate to end my day just like that.

So I woke up at 5, forcing myself to perform my Isya' (no no don't ever be like me). I was soo sleepy like zombie, so again I sleep and only to woke up at 6.  Ironed Ryann's uniform, took bath, solat Subuh, woke up the husband, did some laundry, packed the kids bag and okeyyy I'm late!!!!!!!

The minute we were in the car:
.. Mummy buat air abg ape?
Air grape
..Mummy bawak bekal tak?
Tak sempat la abg mummy dah lambat
..Ala abg nak bawak nasi goreng
Ok kite beli nasi goreng (looking at my watch damn I couldn't reach the office on time IF I stop by the stall. anak punye pasal TERPAKSA la )
..Abang taknak beli, beli pedas. Abg nak mummy masak
Tak yang ni tak pedas
..Sedap ke tak?
Sedapp..mummy beli yang sedap
.. (Thinking what more reason/question to force mummy to cook!)
Mummy beli nasi goreng ada kicap..ha sedap kan ada kicap..abg kan suka kicap
.. (Silent)

After beli nasi goreng
..Tak pedas ke mummy? sedap
.. (Unzip his school bag to put in his nasi goreng)
(Mummy legaaaaa..dia stop questioning..and berjaya buat dia tak nanges. Drove the car quiet rush until reached a corner)

..Mummy ni bawak kete laju2 abg jatuh tak boleh simpan nasi goreng!!!!! (Screaming)
Eh sorry2 mummy tak perasannnn
..Tak nak bawak nasi goreng! (baling nasi goreng)
(Inhale.Exhale.Inhale.Exhale) Tak nak bawak sudah mummy bagi adik
..Mummy yg buat abg! Mummy yang salah!!! (Screaming and crying out of his tongue! All the way!)
(I knew it! Dia memang carik point nak nangesss. Stresssssed! Morning Drama dah start!)

Sent Ireen, yet Ryann are still crying.
Reached his kindy, he refused to come out from the car.
Me terpaksa tarik dia. . 
Threw his tantrum.
Sedas cubitan hinggap. Ok I'm reaching my limits of patience.

..(While crying) Salam balik abang..mintak maaf balik..mummy yg buat abg..!!!!!
Ok salam..mummy sorry, jom pegi school..malu kawan nampak abg cry
.. (Tersedu sedan tahan nanges takot kawan nampak) Abang nak dukung.. tsk tsk..
Carried and passed him to his teacher. Abang makan nasi goreng ok..
.. Nodded ..Sobbed 

Rushed to office.
Punched card - 8.15am 
The third red marks of the month.
Nice one.

Aduhai anak.
Nasi goreng punye pasal

Budak yang banyak songeh banyak drama



akma said...


yana halim said...

'mak long, abg aca taknak salam! dia buat abang.." ekekeke...

sha said...

akma - cool ke?
yana - tulah dia tu, pandai mengadu haha