Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Off Umi and Mak

oh..I did mention on my last post..

"I have a list of things to do during the weekend, believe me none going to be fun."

I was wrong! Totally wrong. We did have some fun:

The whole family on the hubby's side. Look at my husband. He is always more than others. Forgive him. Oh poor baby Ireen blocked by her mean aunt. shooohh aunty. 

So we did have some celebration..of course the Mother's Day!. Despite of me having the little hard time, still can enjoy my life with the people I loves. The generous Along belanja all of us at Seoul Garden. Toche2..father's day pulak next month ok!

So I managed to sent my car to the workshop. It will take about a week. I wanted to show u people the picture of the incident/accident. Tapi everytime I forgot to transfer the pix. Later la k.

As the wedding is around the corner, we have to move in speed. Kemas rumah la ape lagi..banyak sangat nak kemas. So me n hubs force ourselves. No matter how occupied we are, or how busy with our never-ending-matters, we have to go back to the parents house every weekend, to help them with the house chores. Responsible. Yes it is about that. Though I didn't help much because of the asthma attack which I got since 2 weeks ago, but my hubs did a good job in throwing junk:

Hubs : Buang semua, jangan tengok2
Lain2 : Eh ni boleh pakai lagi. simpan2..
Hubs : Kalau simpan tapi x leh jumpa, serupa buang. Nanti tak habes2 ada je sampah/bende2 tak pakai smpai bile pon tak kemas bla bla bla blaaaaa
Lain: Ok2..buangggggg!

See. He is good in odering too. Others follow. I followwwww..hehe.
After maghrib, went back to my parents place pulak. A lil celebration of course for my dear mak..mesti la kene ada. And I good in giving orders too.

Me : Dah beli kek belum?
Brader : Belum. balik x?
Me : Cepat beli. Kekma otw
Brader : Ok2
Kan? saya memang terer memerintah.

Abah recited a Doa and semua serbu kek. Ryann sempat nyanyi "Happy birthday to you kat Umi..happy birthday to you.."

Ala tapi xde gambar la. Takpe2. Gambar semua orang tak bertudung, memang x dapat publish.

Very tiring I tell you.

I mak jugak kan? Takde pon celebration utk I..huwaaaaa...




iezam said...

alala..b...i wish jgk ape...okla,
Hepi Mother's Day to you darling....luv u so much!!!!!luf u b..seriously!!!mmwwaahh!!!

sha said...

lambatttt. huh!

iezam said...

ala....luv u jgk!!!!